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What’s the Deal with LinkedIn Pulse?

When you go on LinkedIn, what is your motive? For most people it is to update their profile or search for jobs. LinkedIn first attempted to change this in March of 2011 through LinkedIn Today. LinkedIn describes LinkedIn Today as a tool to “discover what the world’s professionals are reading and sharing right now”. LinkedIn’s goal is to create a site where people visit not just to update their own information, but get informed and discuss news and business with other professionals. ID-100259683

Unfortunately, LinkedIn Today didn’t have the effect LinkedIn was aiming for. LinkedIn went for round two, this time with Pulse replacing LinkedIn Today.

Pulse app is integrated with LinkedIn so when opened it will prompt you to login with your LinkedIn information. This integration is key to the relationship of Pulse and LinkedIn. The integration means that when you follow a company on Pulse, you also follow that company on LinkedIn. Pulse offers “content tailored to your professional interests both on the Pulse app and on LinkedIn.com”.


Sync. Any channels you follow on LinkedIn will also automatically sync across your Pulse app experience. This creates a smooth transition between the Pulse app and either the LinkedIn app or website.

Discover. LinkedIn has made it even easier for you to find new content. Many users say that Pulse is what they check first for news and content. You can see “What’s New” like what is trending.

“My Lists”. Pulse brings users the feature of creating their own lists based on professional topics. These topics can be discovered through recommendations.

Mobile. Pulse was originally design targeted to the mobiles platform and therefore is very appealing to mobile devices users.

Are you enjoying Pulse? How does it compare to LinkedIn Today?  Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.