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Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Are you on multiple social media sites and have a website? Is one of your social media accounts doing far better than the rest? Check out these five tips to keep in mind when optimizing your digital presence online.


1. Use the same profile picture. This makes it easier for people to recognize you on another platform. Say they are a fan of yours on Facebook and stumble upon your Twitter account, if you have the same profile picture it is much easier to recognize that it is your brand. Having consistency across social networks also makes your brand look organized and professional.

2. Link to your social media accounts in the about me section, or link section. This is hard to accomplish on all social networking sites, for example, Twitter has a very limited amount of character and links in your profile. Other social media site however, allow for an entire section for links like Facebook. Aim for as many links as you can without feeling like you are squishing them all in. Don’t forget to include this on your website!

3. Cross promote your other accounts. Let your followers/fans know where they can find you on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. They might be following you on Twitter, but aren’t aware of your presence on Facebook. Send out a simple, “Interested in more (insert the topic of your brand) then ‘like’ us on Facebook” with a link to your Facebook in the post.

4. Plug it elsewhere online. If you have a podcast, blog, eBook, radio show, and/or email newsletter include links to your social media on there. And we don’t mean in the fine print at the bottom, we mean front and center. If you guest host or guest blog be sure to mention where you can be found at least on your most popular social media account (for most people that is Twitter).

5. Don’t only advertise your online presence online, advertise in person. When you attend a networking meeting or conference or present at an event, let your audience know where you can be found online. You don’t want to bog them down with five social media accounts, just pick one or two, you can list the rest in a slide at the end of your presentation or on a handout.

How are you going to get the word out about your social media accounts? Have any methods you want to add? Head down to the comments below to share what works for you.