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LinkedIn, in person

So you’re made the effort to attend a networking event? You want to make the most out of your experience. You chat with people and collect their business cards. What’s your next step? Take our advice to make your encounters count long after the event. ID-100217179

1. Arrive Early. The benefits of meeting people the event is priceless. Getting there early means you get to met more people. If you are the type of person that hates loud crowds, getting there early can give you vaulable quieter time with key people.

2. Genuine Interest. Focus on the other person.  Although you want to be positive about their work you don’t want to be fake. Express your true opinions without being rude. Try and learn more about their goals. People (well most people) love talking about their work and what they are involved with. Give them the opportunity to discuss issues or problems they are faced with. This is where number 3 comes in….

3. Offer Service. Once you figure out what their goals are, offer a way you can be of service to help them. If you come across as someone who is looking to help others, you will score some points in their book. Don’t force your service into a conversation though, make sure you service would be helpful to them. When you do bring it up in conversation, bring it up naturally.

4. Follow Through. If you have offered your serviced then be sure to email them confirming you are looking forward to working on what ever you dicsussed during the networking meeting.

5. Link In. Using the business cards you collected, find your acquaintances on LinkedIn as well as other social media sites. This is a vital step to keep them in your network. If you don’t add them to your online communities, you might (let’s be honest probability) lose their business card. If you fail to find them on social media at the very least add them to your contacts.

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