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How To Handle Negative Feedback On Social Media

When you receive negative feedback about your brand what do you do? Here are the steps you should take in handling these public relations issues along with tips to do so gracefully.


Identify the type of problem.

1. Misunderstanding, misinformation, miscommunication. One or both parties here were at fault.

2. Constructive criticism. This can come in pleasant forms and not so pleasant forms.

3. Seeking help. When a customer is seeking you for your expert opinion or experience.

4. Spam. Feedback that has no valid purpose behind what they are expressing.

React appropriately.

1. Inform the customer if they are mistaken, but in a professional and kind matter. Take responsibility if you or your company was at fault.

2. Thank the customer for their  honest feedback. Mention that it is criticism like theirs that helps you or your company improve.

3. Be of service. This is a valuable opportunity to be of service to a customer or potential customer. It is your chance to showcase your

4. Ignore it. The spammer wants attention, don’t give it to them. That’s all there is to it.


  • Respond quickly. You don’t want to leave negative feedback unresolved for long. The world of social media is instant and the person giving you the constructive criticism is going to expect a response almost immediately.
  • Unless it is spam, then don’t delete it. This is only going to make the person leaving the message more upset at you. Although you may have the urge to do this, refrain. Your customers may receive the impression you care more about your brand image than your customers.
  • Understand the customer may be exaggerating, if this is the case stay professional and factual. Don’t stoop to their level and provide a response that matches their exaggeration.
  • Follow up. If a customer was unhappy with their service or product check back with them to see that everything got resolved. This may seem trival, but it goes a long way in showing your customer that you are invested in their issue and care about the resolution of that issue.

How have you handled negative feedback in the past? Will you handle it differently int the future?